John-Robin Bold is a German composer of electronic music, a live performer, and a sound and media artist. His work searches for the possibility of musical truth experiences in our time of digital commodification, crisis and cynicism. Bold employs a variety of media and presentation formats like concert installations, website-specific art and participatory practices, always seeking to overturn established music consumption to enable new ways of listening.

Trapped in-between the lost sensitivity of traditional art and the emergence of a new form of life, Bold frequently refers to late medieval and early Renaissance music to meditate on the chasm between the end and the beginning. Consequently, messianic conceptions of time strongly influence his pursuit of subjective rifts, in and through music. Viewed as a hegemonic symptom of systemic decay and utopian promise, Pop presents an equally important object for Bold’s research. His constantly evolving strategies against global popification have reached from sublation to interjection, exposing aesthetic traits, affirming expressive potentials, and reusing incompatible sound material. Bold composes highly defined and often static moments with unforeseeable developments that create a tense space between following, anticipation and surprise.

John-Robin Bold has released multiple albums including on Mille Plateaux, shown works at Ars Electronica and performed among others at ZKM, Volksbühne and Golden Pudel.